Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fancy a challenge?

Here's Anne Katrine Neilson on the highest peak in Africa. After losing her best friend to ovarian cancer 4 years ago, it's her aim to raise £1 million for the Eve Appeal by pushing herself to the limits in some of the most exciting destinations on earth! You can visit her diary or offer support by clicking on the picture....

This time of year has us all dreaming of far-away lands, doesn't it? If you, like me, fancy some exotic stamps in your passport, pushing your own boundaries and being sponsored whilst raising money for a wonderful cause in the months to come, you'll be excited to check out the Eve Appeal Challenges 2010!
Fancy a three day Coast-to-Coast Eco challenge in May?

Walking the Great Wall of China in September? (love this pic! so stylish!)

Or climbing the steps of civilisation in Peru in November?

With health on our side, the world is our lobster! you will be surprised to find how wonderfully afforable and what a great difference your place on one of these trips can make!

"Our biggest regrets are not for the things we did -- but, for the things we didn't do..."- Lucas Scott

And if this is all a bit too exhausting for you, get yourself a cuppa and have a nice lie-down. You'll be a trend-setter... we'll soon be joining you- March, is, after all, Make time for TEA month, and tea parties across the UK held to raise money for gynae cancer.
Could you hold a special Isle of Man tea-party for the Eve Appeal? xxx

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bright blessings in 2010

Hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas and a wonderful start to 2010.
We (my little family, just husby & I) have a tradition (2 years old now) of climbing a mountain on new year's morning. A white full-lipped moon coaxed us to the top this frosty morning. Isn't it a wonderful thing to be alive?
May 2010 bring you and all you love, happiness & health!