Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fancy a challenge?

Here's Anne Katrine Neilson on the highest peak in Africa. After losing her best friend to ovarian cancer 4 years ago, it's her aim to raise £1 million for the Eve Appeal by pushing herself to the limits in some of the most exciting destinations on earth! You can visit her diary or offer support by clicking on the picture....

This time of year has us all dreaming of far-away lands, doesn't it? If you, like me, fancy some exotic stamps in your passport, pushing your own boundaries and being sponsored whilst raising money for a wonderful cause in the months to come, you'll be excited to check out the Eve Appeal Challenges 2010!
Fancy a three day Coast-to-Coast Eco challenge in May?

Walking the Great Wall of China in September? (love this pic! so stylish!)

Or climbing the steps of civilisation in Peru in November?

With health on our side, the world is our lobster! you will be surprised to find how wonderfully afforable and what a great difference your place on one of these trips can make!

"Our biggest regrets are not for the things we did -- but, for the things we didn't do..."- Lucas Scott

And if this is all a bit too exhausting for you, get yourself a cuppa and have a nice lie-down. You'll be a trend-setter... we'll soon be joining you- March, is, after all, Make time for TEA month, and tea parties across the UK held to raise money for gynae cancer.
Could you hold a special Isle of Man tea-party for the Eve Appeal? xxx

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bright blessings in 2010

Hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas and a wonderful start to 2010.
We (my little family, just husby & I) have a tradition (2 years old now) of climbing a mountain on new year's morning. A white full-lipped moon coaxed us to the top this frosty morning. Isn't it a wonderful thing to be alive?
May 2010 bring you and all you love, happiness & health!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Allabouteve- monthly enews from the Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal now have a monthly e-newsletter so we can all keep up to date on the latest developments and best ways to contribute to lower the instances of gynae cancers across the UK. Click here to read online!
Great news that between 7th and 11th December all donations to the Eve Appeal through a partnership with The Big will be matched 100% . A lovely chance to make more of a difference. Feeling generous? Then, please click here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Do you shop at Shoprite? Then, thank you!

Thanks to the generosity of Shoprite customers around the Island, today the Eve Appeal recived a boost of £454.79!

During the months of August and September, each Shoprite store offered Eve Appeal pins for a £1 donation. Warmest thanks to everyone who has purchased a pin!

Here's me (left) & Shoprite's Amanda Noble displaying the generous donations of Shoprite shoppers over August and Sept '09!

It was incredibly touching to open the donation boxes today and find 5, 10 and 20 pound notes- it goes to show how generous and behind the cause Manx residents are. We really care about women’s health and about finding a cure for women’s cancers.

Did you know
that three symptoms, if they occur on most days, can suggest ovarian cancer? You can read here what they are, as outlined in new guidance from the department of health.

I can't speak highly enough of Shoprite and their consistent efforts to champion causes close to many of our hearts on the Isle of Man. We're lucky to be raising awareness of the Eve Appeal through their connection! With this blustery November weather, sometimes it's hard to see the point in leaving the house... luckily, shopping still has to be done!

January 21, 2010 Update- 4 more Pin boxes, distributed to Shoprite stores over Christmas, have raised an extra £133.95! Thankyou for your generosity! If you've yet to get one- and they are very pretty- you'll be able to buy a pin from all Shoprite stores again in March- Ovarian Cancer awareness month.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Eve Appeal & The Vineyard present an evening of festive wines…

Come join us at The Vineyard, Castletown for a festive wine-tasting evening to raise money for a good cause!

On the 7th December between 6 and 8pm a delicious wine & food matching evening will be held with ticket proceeds going to the Eve Appeal.

The matching nibbles will be provided by & served by me- freshly made from local produce in my manx catering kitchen!- and 4 festive wines (on special offer on the night!) will be supplied and served by Heath & Harry from the Vineyard.

Pop along to see their lovely store at 10 Malew Street, Castletown, and get your ticket as soon as you can- there are only 50 available! The £20 ticket will buy you a lovely night, wonderful wine experience and inspiring ideas to bring to your Festive table.

When: Monday December 7th, 2009
Where: The Vineyard
10 Malew Street, Castletown
Cost: £20 (tickets from The Vineyard store)
For more information: Call The Vineyard on 825252,
Samantha on 455666, or email
UPDATE- sadly we've had to postpone our Food & Wine matching night due to not enough numbers. We plan to hold another early in the new year.. thank you to all who showed interest! Watch this space!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fairy delicious news!

Today we have received a lovely cheque from Cupcakes to form their donation to the Eve appeal from the Cupcakes workshops of the Great Manx Bake Off!

We acknowledge receipt of £100-
Thank you, Bev & Dave!

Cupcake's "Manx Tartan" Cupcake entry.

As well as running workshops to form part of the event, Cupcakes also entered the professional division of the competition!

Here, Hairy Biker Dave (not Cupcakes Dave) struggles with his balance to keep the Manx Tartan Cupcakes all in place...

It looks like traditional Manx dancing!

Cupcakes' wonderful workshops were a big hit at the Isle of Man Food & Drink festival! So much so, that the Ramsey based company are developing a DIY kit- and also provide "nudie" cupcakes and all ingredients for a fun corporate or kiddie event! You can contact them here on the Isle of Man on 07624 346466.

Thank you again, Cupcakes, for helping out the Eve Appeal!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Judge's Choices in Pictures

Here the Hairy Bikers carefully cut into Mrs Burton's Thie Veg- the out-house of her Manx Ginger cottage!
"You can't cut that!" said Si... but we were all insistent- they had to taste it to congratulate the winner of Mr Gawne, MHK & Minister for Agriculture's Judge's Choice award. Mrs Burton is an artist from Port Erin and received Mr Gawne's highest personal accolade.

Mrs Michele Moroney, semi-final judge & surgeon at Nobles, awarded her Judge's Choice to Kelly Smith, praising her use of home-grown carrots and calling it the healthy choice! Here's the Hairy Bikers showing it to the crowd! Kelly made rabbit poo out of sugar-craft for decoration. How creative!

Kate Dawe's Laxey Wheel attracted Mrs Hazel Warburton's, semi-final judge previously of Fortnum & Mason, and a cake judge of the WI, Judges Choice award, largely for her quality of craftsmanship. Guess what's under it's white frosting? Red velvet sponge cake- what a contrast! Well done Kate!

(Hi to Dave from Cupcakes in this pic! the naughty Manx tartan skirts kept falling off the cupcakes so here he is adjusting them. Cupcakes scored one of the highest on taste in the semi-final!)

Kate and Home-baker winner, Chloe, are sisters, and they were up til four in the morning the night before the semi-final completing their masterpieces. Baking talent must run in the family!

the Winners in Pictures

Here is the beautiful "Manx Fuschia Fairy" by Christine McCabe, winner of the Professional division. Christine spent at least 40 hours on "Fiona" the fairy, who was entirely created from sugar paste!

the Hairy Bikers taste Christine's gorgeous creation...

Here's Si the Hairy Biker holding Chloe Dawe's "Loughtan Sheep- a Manx character"
He looks as if he's in heaven, holding the winning cake of the Home-Baker division, yes?

Chloe explains the creation of her gorgeous sculpture cake to the Hairies...

Si himself bought the runner-up in the Professional division- The Peggy Smuggler's Cake- a 150 year old secret recipe, made by Karl Berrie, Chocolatier, of Aaron House, Port St Mary, presented in a wooden treasure box with edible gold running throughout! Here it is!

The Hairy Biker was lucky to nab it at £62!- semi-final judge Michele Moroney bid hotly for it, too!

And here are the Hairy Bikers talking to Emily, one of the Corlett Family of Lezayre's talented bakers of the "Highlights of the Isle of Man" cake. Runner-up in the Home-baker division, it was a delicious fruit cake, as green as our Island, that all the family helped with! Ovarian cancer is a cause close to their hearts. How wonderful that they "entered for fun, shared many laughs along the way" according to Mum Barbara... then won! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Eve Appeal's Great Manx Bake-off @ the 1st Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival!

The Hairy Bikers tasted and declared the winning cakes of the first ever "Great Manx Bake-Off” at the Isle of Man Food and Drink Festival on Saturday at 3pm.

Introducing the Winners of the Eve Appeal Great Manx Bake-Off!

Professional category:

Christine McCabe with “The Manx Fuschia Fairy”

Runner Up: Karl Berrie from Aaron House Guest House, Port St Mary, with “The Peggy” Smugglers Cake
Home-Baker category:

Chloe Dawe with the modern “Loughtan Sheep- A Manx character”

Runner-Up: The Corlett Family- Barbara, Emily, Brian and Simon, with “Highlights of the Isle of Man”

The winners received a £100 Shoprite voucher and Runners-up, a £50 Shoprite voucher.

The 3 Judges Choice awards (all from the home-baker category, interesting!)
of a £25 Shoprite voucher went to:

Mrs Iris Burton’s “Manx Ginger Cottage”- given by Mr Phil Gawne, MHK & Minister for Agriculture

Kelly Smith’s “Manx Home-Grown Carrot Cake”- given by Mrs Michele Moroney, Consultant Ob & Gyn of Nobles Hospital

Kate Dawe’s Laxey Wheel- given by Mrs Hazel Warburton of the WI

Clockwise from left: The Corlett Family of Lezayre's "Highlights of the Isle of Man", Mrs Iris Burton's "Manx Ginger Cottage", and Christine McCabe's "Manx Fuschia Fairy" (front)

Special mention cake- Kev Ford of Three FM’s savoury “Full Manx Breakfast cake” using local ham, and farmers market onions, received a high-five from Hairy Biker Si and sold for the cheapest price (£14!).

The winner of the Cake Quiz was Carol Sansbury from Port Erin who receives a £30 Shoprite voucher. The "traditional manx biscuit eaten around the 12th of November" is Hollandtide Fairings as perhaps only a Manx Farmer would know- easier questions next year!

Wasn't it truly just the most spectacular event! The whole Great Manx Bake-Off was a beautiful display of Manx generosity, talent and creativity. It really exceeded my fantasies and according to all the comments received, any cake-lover was thrilled to bits with the originality of the ideas and the craftsmanship of the cakes. "Priceless", "Exquisite", "Amazing", "Such talent" "Where do they get their ideas?" were common. There was actually a kind of hush around the display tables and fridges the whole day (well, apart from the hilarious auction) as people stood in awe of the 25 best baking entries on the Isle of Man!

I am so grateful to everyone who helped make the day so special, whether by entering, providing equipment, volunteering, buying a slice or a whole cake, and am thankful to the government for allowing us to showcase delicious Manx produce and local talent in such a fun interactive way. Also the generosity of Shoprite for the excellent help they gave in prizes and printing- and the Hairy Bikers auction craic- just can’t be spoken highly enough about!

Bev from Cupcakes, who ran the Cupcake decorating workshops needed a second delivery of Cupcakes by lunchtime because of the demand! Check out their great photos here!

Also do go visit Isle of Man newspapers photos on Flickr - Christine's winning Manx Fuschia Fairy, Chloe's winning Loughtan Ram and the Judges Choice cakes are all in pictures!

What about the Moula (£) for the Eve Appeal?

Those fantabby Hairy Bikers raised £500 with their auctioning prowess! The total from the day so far collected stands at over £1500, including Jane Cleator's personal cheque for £300 (how wonderful) plus more donations from our friends Cupcakes from the Cupcake decorating workshops and Davisons from the sales of the “Eve’s Favourite ice-cream flavour” expected.

Thank you everyone! Special thanks to Kim & Audrey, as well as the Eve Appeal Angels: Jane, Joy & Derek, Vaughn & Eleanor, Kathryn, Christine, Alex & Amanda.

5 cakes the Bikers didn't get time to Auction are still available to purchase! All would make wonderful corporate or charity gifts. Please call me on 455666 if you'd like to make one yours!

"I Love Manx" by Angie Brook

"The Magic of the Isle of Man" by Sarah Joughin

"Tynwald Hill" by Karen Hawkins

"Fairy Bridge" by Abby Wynn

"Four Legs good, Three Legs better" by The Cake Lady, Sally Humphries.