Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fairy delicious news!

Today we have received a lovely cheque from Cupcakes to form their donation to the Eve appeal from the Cupcakes workshops of the Great Manx Bake Off!

We acknowledge receipt of £100-
Thank you, Bev & Dave!

Cupcake's "Manx Tartan" Cupcake entry.

As well as running workshops to form part of the event, Cupcakes also entered the professional division of the competition!

Here, Hairy Biker Dave (not Cupcakes Dave) struggles with his balance to keep the Manx Tartan Cupcakes all in place...

It looks like traditional Manx dancing!

Cupcakes' wonderful workshops were a big hit at the Isle of Man Food & Drink festival! So much so, that the Ramsey based company are developing a DIY kit- and also provide "nudie" cupcakes and all ingredients for a fun corporate or kiddie event! You can contact them here on the Isle of Man on 07624 346466.

Thank you again, Cupcakes, for helping out the Eve Appeal!

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