Monday, July 6, 2009

Cucumber & Martini- auction!

"Very few things pair better with a long balmy afternoon of lazing about the cucumber patch, performing acrobatics in the rumpus room, or playing croquet in the park than a sparkling, cool g & t garnished with a cucumber slice. While the cucumber garnish is certainly an unusual take on the usual, life is simply too short to limit one's cocktail consumption to the ole stalwart, standby gin drink."

Very few things indeed!
There were no acrobatics in the rumpus room, but there were some shenanigans in the kitchen a few evenings ago when we decided to test the infamous theory of cucumber drastically changing the taste of gin. Mixing tall glasses of icy Bombay Sapphire with tonic, then adding slices of various fruits- and vegetables!- the decision was unanimous- this urban myth happens to be true.
After the tastings, we mixed our personal favourite, and auctioned off the glasses. In aid of The Eve Appeal, of course!
You can visit Hendricks Gin for some great fun ginny frivolities!

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