Friday, July 31, 2009

your test results

31st December, 2008. New Years Eve...

mobile phone: ring, ring!

Me: Hello?

Mr Herod: Hello, is that Samantha?

Me: Yes?

Mr Herod: Samantha, it's Jonathon Herod, consultant gynaecological surgeon, oncologist and clinical director at Liverpool Women's hospital here. I understand you've been stuck in a plane on the Isle of Man going nowhere for a few hours due to freezing fog...

Me: Yes, yes sir, we have.

Mr Herod: Samantha, I'd like to tell you we're not going to re-schedule an appointment here for you. There's no point. You see, the results of the tests from your surgery are excellent. There was no evidence of anything that we would consider to be cancerous in any of the specimens removed and hence the procedure should be curative. No further treatment or follow up will be neccessary. Samantha- my advice to you would be to go home and get on with your life. And have a happy new year.

Me: (crying) Oh, oh, this is wonderful... thank you, thank you so much.

Mr Herod: Our pleasure. Goodbye!

Before and after the surgery I had some time to think about what it meant to me. I decided that I wanted to help a charity that raised awareness of ovarian disorders, as I'd been misdiagnosed by one of my local doctors and in those two months when I was trying to find other answers, the cyst grew considerably. I also wanted to live and really take advantage- and never take for granted- my healthy body again.

With my love of exercise, all things food, and helping people, I retrained as a Personal Trainer on the Gold Coast of Australia early this year.

(here's me training... ahem, resting, at Capital Hill, Canberra)

P.S. Would you like to share your story? Email me and I will publish it, anonymously, if you desire, on a post here.

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