Tuesday, August 18, 2009

there's Cake Angels on the Isle of Man!

Out the window I can see the rain clouds blowing over to the mainland and this makes me feel so grateful that we'll have another sunny afternoon.

on the same theme... I'm also so grateful for the amazing sponsors we have for the Great Manx Bake-Off!

Alongside Shoprite, who right now are busy printing up our lovely flyers and posters for the event,

and Viking Office Systems, who have donated some lovely judge's thanks,

we've just received some lovely gifts donated by Boots for the "So you think you can Bake?" cake quiz open to all on Saturday 26th September. Come to the Villa Marina Arcade and test your knowledge- each question will be about cakes, manx baking, and baking manx cakes!

Do you have great knowledge of baking or Manx ingredients? Would you like to submit a question for "So you think you can Bake?" Email me to share, and your name will be under your question as credit!

Here's some teasers to start your juices flowing!..

Which ingredients can be used to replace self-raising flour if you've only got plain flour to use in your baking?

What's the name of the local flour company based on the Isle of Man?

And... what on earth is Bonnag?

Calling all Cake Angels! Could you sponsor the Eve Appeal Great Manx Bake-Off? We would really appreciate some publicity- radio and newspaper- to promote this exciting celebrity auction and event!- as well as Cake Display cabinets/chillers for use for 24 hours at the Villa Marina Arcade...

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