Sunday, August 30, 2009

Women with ovarian cancer ‘dying because GPs fail to spot signs", reports the Times

Here is the article: and it's excellent to have this knowledge made available. It's important to help all GP's become aware that ovarian cancer may be the reason one of their patients presents a distended tummy. Every single one the ladies I've met with, or who have had, o/c were misdiagnosed at best, but fobbed off mostly, by their GP at the beginning of their condition. Often they were diagnosed with IBS or sent for digestive system investigation.

This other version of the article is fascinating too, sourced from NHS choices: because although there are 3 published symptoms now which are indicators of the disease, we know many ladies don't present all of them at once. This article in my opinion goes a long way towards identifying all the risk factors and helping raise awareness throughout the medical community and among women ourselves. Early detection will definitely save lives.
What do you think?

1/1/09 update: today have posted 38 letter to our Isle of Man GPs, attaching the new Dept of Health indicators for ovarian cancer. With such awareness, we can make the Isle of Man the region with the lowest occurance in Europe!

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