Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i scream, you scream... it's Eve Appeal ice-cream!

As a child, besides dreaming of having your own pony, did you fantasise about having your very own sweet shop and ice-cream parlour to invite all your friends to? i know i did! Well, who says dreams from long ago don't come true? the Eve Appeal Great Manx Bake-Off is shaping up to be a delicious celebration of all things sweet and special, and as our lovely friend- please come share!

For the weekend of the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival (that's 26th & 27th Sept), Davison’s Ice Cream are creating a bespoke flavour with an astonishingly generous 100% of all purchases across their three stores of the flavour to be donated to the Eve Appeal.

The flavour will be called Eve’s Favourite and taste like Pink Apple Pie. The Eve Appeal’s colours are pink and red, and the traditional British dessert, Eve’s Pudding, is based on Apples and Sponge cake, so it’s the perfect flavour!

So who's our real-life Willy Wonka, then? It's the man himself; 2nd generation Manx confectioner: Ian Davison. This is how great he is: when we thought Davison's Ice-cream parlour, being just downstairs from the cake competition, could maybe offer a special flavour on the day of the Bake-off to raise money for the Eve Appeal, I was going to ask for 10% of proceeds to be donated back if he liked the idea. But Ian immediately offered to donate 100% of any purchase of the flavour over the weekend from all of his ice-cream stores- that's 3 stores!- the Villa Marina Arcade, Peel's beachside parlour and The Cholcolate Box in Douglas! He hopped on the internet to research apple flavours and shared stories of some of the other charity events and spacial flavours he can create. Christmas Pudding, anyone?

It’s an incredibly generous gesture!

Yum. Pink Apple Pie. I've read somewhere that nothing heals a broken heart like Eve's Pudding. With the magic surrounding "Eve's Favourite" I wonder what power it's soothing coolness will hold? We'll have cake, we'll have ice-cream- can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday?

Our event and entry form to download is now up on the Eve Appeal website! And if you can't manage to get your entry in by tomorrow we will take them up til Wednesday. Here's the link.

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