Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Taste of island baking- that's what we want!

Here's the thing: you don't have to be the most supersonic cake decorator to enter the Great Manx Bake-Off.

Perhaps you've got an absolutely delicious recipe that uses Manx produce... Laxey Glen Mills Flour; Gellings, Staarvey Farm or other local eggs; and Isle of Man milk...

Not decorated or shaped like the TT course? Don't worry! YES it will be wonderful to put on display your gorgeous Manx-themed cake... but, above all I suspect TASTE is what our judges will be looking for. There's also the judge's choice award- given on their own unique criteria- who knows what will tickle our esteemed panel's fancy?

Plus your contribution will be sold for donation to the Eve Appeal if it doesn't make the Final and the Auction by Si & Dave, the Hairy Biker boys, and every cake submitted will be on display on the Friday evening at the Festival's launch party with the baker's name on it...

So what do you think? Will your delicious family cake rise to the challenge? You can download an entry form in the top right hand corner of this page

Not entering? Come and attend a cupcake decorating workshop on Saturday courtesy of Cupcakes, Ramsay, to develop a new skill perhaps, for next year's entry!

amazing Halloween cake from Martha Stewart. For recipe inspiration, visit the delicious Joy The Baker!

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