Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Half-Baked ideas

there are some delicious sounding entries to the Eve Appeal Great Manx Bake-Off coming in!

If I were a baker, I've got to tell you, I'd make something like this:

Here's why. Ok- first and most obviously, my surname is Honey-Pollock (don't worry, I wouldn't put pollock/pollack/calig in it). But Manx honey is a wonderful local product here on the island, from St Marks' Lower Cordeman Farm. I'd use Laxey Glen Mills plain flour, Isle of man creamery butter and milk, and Staarvey Farm eggs. And I'd order one of these gorgeous beehive cake tins - click n see! now you know where the pictures are from too!

That's the Manx produce covered.

It goes deeper...

You see, in helping the Eve Appeal on the Isle of Man, I realise just how many worthwhile causes are here on the island. I care about our Hyperbaric chamber and our Helicopter fund. Hospice, Rebecca House, Oscars dreams... they are all wonderful causes.

But I see a gap.

I see Isle of Man men going for heart surgery across in Liverpool, and their wives and families being helped for accommodation and transport by Robert Owen house, a wonderful charity run by the Masons.

Together with helpers Jane and Joy, who have first-hand experience with ovarian cancer, for the Eve Appeal on the Isle of man, we're getting together a sheet of accommodation and transport recommendations for ladies and their companion travelling across to Liverpool Women's for surgery, or beyond, for treatment. Isle of Man Gov's Patient Services here on the island are fantastic: supplying transport between Liverpool airport and the hospitals, return travel costs, and up to £30 a night accommodation expenses for the patient's travel companion.

But once we're delivered to treatment or hospital- where does our companion go? As alone and scared as us, I want a house for them in Liverpool, like Robert Owen, for gynae patients from the Isle of Man. I'd like to see it called the Bee-hive. After all- we are the Queen Bees and we need somewhere for our menfolk and family to stay and keep safe while we're getting better.

going to stop now. i'm crying :)

Would you like to see this, too?

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